Freitag, 22. Juni 2012

A Male Yeast Infection Is Quite Uncommon

Yeast infections are caused by a fungus commonly called 'Candida'. With men it is usually contracted through sexual intercourse. When they have sexual relations with a woman who has a yeast infection, they can have it passed to them. The way to prevent penile infections is practicing safe sex.

There are many causes that contribute to yeast infections. The main ones are a lack of air and moist heat. These causes help us to better understand just what yeast infections are. Some more common causes are hormonal changes, anti-biotics, wearing tight clothing, sexual intercourse, and other types of diseases that increase the risk of yeast infections. These would include diabetes, leukemia, and also HIV. When you know what the cause of your infection is, you can treat it properly.

It is a rare occurrence but sometimes men who engage in sex with women who have yeast infections end up with itchy rashes on their penis. Some of the more common symptoms for men are soreness and irritation on the penis head, severe itching on the head, small blister on the head, a redness on the head, and a white discharge. Taking anti-biotics to treat these symptoms can kill off the beneficial bacteria found in the crotch and on the penis.

The treatment for male yeast infection is fairly simple. The natural treatments have gained a lot of popularity mainly because the medicated treatments many times do not treat the root causes of the infection. Medications might treat localized and isolated yeast infections, but the alternative treatments are more effective at treating the chronic yeast. There are non-medical treatments that are effective at relieving the symptoms and also help to restore the proper PH balance of your body. You can also find plenty of OTC (over-the-counter) remedies but these usually result in your yeast infection coming back on you.

With most any health condition is it highly recommended that you consult with your doctor before any kind of treatment takes place. Doctors today are very open to either medical or traditional type treatments for yeast infections. They understand that both methods can be effective and sometimes better than a pharmacological treatment. Be sure that you follow their exact advice in order to keep your yeast infection at bay.

Many people are unaware of the kind of damage yeast infections can do. Chronic yeast infections can occur at least 4 times within a year. If you have any symptoms you should see your doctor immediately to seek out the proper treatment.

Male yeast infection is treatable and the treatments are simple. The natural treatments for yeast infection are so popular because the medicated treatments simply don't treat the root of the problem. You can use dietary changes to help lower your risk for yeast infection and help to prevent them altogether. Having a lot of fibre in your diet can be a good way to prevent yeast infections and to stay healthy.